Lista Cabinets Direct. Market leading workspace storage systems.

True to its motto, "Making Workspace Work", Lista, as the leading supplier of workshop equipment and storage systems, transforms rooms into functional workplaces.

Lista products are distinguished by superb quality, durability, long service life and, consequently, efficiency. Our products are ideal for expansion or adaptation to suit new requirements, thanks to their systematic modularity. Lista has extensive international experience in material and storage logistics. No matter how complex the task is, our consulting and service competence from the project inception phase right through to installation is your guarantee that businesses and facilities equipped by us will fulfil their purpose. Lista, workspace storage systems for your workplace.
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Lista Cabinets Direct is an authorised distributor for Lista UK Ltd, specialising in motorsport storage solutions

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>Lista Cabinets Direct. Market leading workspace storage systems. >Lista Cabinets Direct. Market leading workspace storage systems. >Lista Cabinets Direct. Market leading workspace storage systems.

Every second counts in motor racing

If you're going for peak performance, careful planning, precision work and innovative solutions, are the standards you must have. What holds true in a racing team, also applies to lista workshop equipment and storage systems.

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Lista Motorsport Car workshop bayLista Motorsport Race Car
Ready for action

Supply is pivotal, availability a must, especially when military units are handling assignments. Lista supports stationary and mobile logistics formations with customized workspace and storage systems.

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Lista Military Storage SolutionsLista Military Storage Solutions

The concept of lean manufacturing was developed as a process to help companies eliminate waste and improve overall customer value. Examples of waste can be found in areas such as transportation, inventory, motion...

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Manufacturing Storage Solutions from ListaManufacturing Storage Solutions from Lista
How are you?

It is said that a person's most valuable asset is his health. Lista supports service providers in the Health Care sector in maintaining this asset in the best possible way. With functional and effective workspace and storage facilities - as good as can be.

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Healthcare Storage Solutions from ListaHealthcare Storage Solutions from Lista

Museums around the world attract many visitors throughout the year. As space is always a premium, this requires careful planning of the items to be displayed to the public and items to be held in storage.

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Museum Storage Solutions from ListaMuseum Storage Solutions from Lista

To many people static electricity is little more than the shock experienced when touching a metal door handle after walking across a carpeted room. However, electrostatic discharge can be an expensive problem...

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Electronics Storage Solutions from ListaElectronics Storage Solutions from Lista